Monday, November 13, 2006

True Freedom--Galatians 5:2-12

Lesson 12

Remember the flow of thought in the book.
1:1-2:14-True Freedom
2:15-3:24-True Justification
3:25-5:1-True Position
5:2-6:18-True Perfection

In 3:3 Paul brings up the issue, and in this last section
of the epistle he shows why we cannot be perfected by
what we do to our flesh or by what we do in/through
our flesh, but how we are perfected by walking by
the same Spirit by which we were begun.

1. a. According to Acts 15:1 what were the Judaizers doing?

b. According to Galatians 6:12 what were they doing?

c. In Galatians 5:2-3 what was Paul saying about circumcison?
benefit (opheleo)-assistance, profit, advantageous, useful

d. According to Galatians 6:13 what was the condition of
the Judaizers?

e. Compare Galatians 5:2-3 and 6:12-13 with Romans 2:23-27.
What do you see about circumcision and the Law?

2. a. Read Romans 2:28-29, Colossians 2:11, Ephesians 2:11,
Jeremiah 9:25-26; 4;4, Deuteronomy 10:16, 30:6.
List everything you learn about circumcision in these verses.

b. In your own words state what is true circumcision and when
it takes place.

c. From what you have learned about circumcision, why would
Paul make the statement he makes in Galatians 5:5?

3. severed (katargeo)-to null or void, to reduce to inactivity
fallen (ekpipto)- to fall out of, to leave the sphere of grace
In light of the definitions of the words and the context of the verse,
what is Paul saying in verse 5:4?

4. hindered--to impede one's course by cutting off his way
a. In verse 7 what has happened to the saints of Galatia?

b. In verse 8 who is not the source of this teaching?

c. How does verse 9 relate to verse 7?

d. So then what happens to a church or group of saints when
false teaching enters and is accepted?

Is there any false teaching or legalism that you are
adhering to that would hinder you and therefore
your church.

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