Tuesday, November 14, 2006

True Freedom--Galatians 5:13-24

Lesson 13

Read through these verses each day this week. Before
you start the assingment read Galatians 3:2 and 6:8.

1. a. In verse 5:13 what is the temptation in our freedom?

b. According to verse 5:16 what is the antidote for this temptation?

2. Read verses 13-24.

a. List everything you learn about the flesh.

b. List everything you learn about the Spirit.

3. According to verse 5:14 how is the Law fulfilled? How does this
compare to verse 5:22?

4. Verse 5:17 is in the present tense, which indicates a continous
ongoing action.

a. In light of this what is this verse telling us?

b. How does this relate to verses 13 and 16?

c. What truth can we take from this verse that can help us
with our struggle against the flesh?

5. Read verse 24 and think back to what we learned about crucifixion.

a. What does the fact that our flesh has been crucified have
to do with walking by the Spirit?

b. How does the knowledge that your flesh, with its passions
and desires, has been crucified help you in your struggle
against the flesh.

c. How does verse 24 and the last part of verse 21 complement
each other?

d. How would you use the truth of these two verses to examine
yourself as to whether you are in the faith?

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