Saturday, December 28, 2013

Preaching on the Incarnation

In preaching on the incarnation, which many of us preach on during the Christmas season, it is too easy to emphasize the fact that Christ was fully God, and ignore the fact that Christ was fully man as well.  Many times we as preachers tend to dwell on the fact of His deity, and never mention His humanity, which was just as great a necessity for Him as our Savior as was His deity. He had to be both human and Divine.

In the incarnation, in the person of Christ, we have the mystery of the fullness of deity in bodily form, the Word becoming flesh and being made in the likeness of men, Christ being fully God and fully man, two natures sharing one body in full harmony and unity.  So, in the Scriptures, when Christ speaks He does not speak as God sometimes and man at others.  When Christ acts, He does not act as God sometimes and man at others.  He speaks and acts as both God and man simultaneously.  His two natures are never divorced from one another and never act independently of one another.  So whatever He does…all that He did, He did as both God and man.  

So in our preaching on the incarnation, let us remember and endeavor to present Him in the fullness of His being, as being, living, existing, speaking, thinking, and acting as both God and man.  This is why He is the pivot point of all of history, and why, truly, there is no one like Him.

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