Monday, December 16, 2013

Pastors, Be Bold

Fellow Pastors, brother Pastors, let us not be concerned this week about being bold leaders, but let us be concerned about being bold preachers.  Let us not be concerned with pleasing men with our preaching, but let our concern be pleasing Him, the Lord Jesus Christ-the Head of the Church-the Alpha and Omega-the One before whose judgment seat we will stand.  Let us not preach with the fear of men on our mind, but let us preach with the fear of the Lord in our heart.  After all, the Lord is our greatest and ultimate audience.  

Let us remember that preaching is leading.  It is the setting out of the word of God which reveals the will of God, which is to be followed by those under its hearing.  It not only reveals the path the Lord wants us to follow, but also reveals the way we are to walk on that path.  

True leadership in the church is spiritual leadership, and the way to lead spiritually is with the Word of God.  

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