Sunday, March 18, 2012

Preaching on Empty

In pointing out these things to the brethren,
you will be a good servant of Jesus Christ,
constantly nourished on the words of the faith
and of the sound doctrine which you have
been following.
I Timothy 4:6

One of the great dangers, great temptations for any preacher, is in studying for the sermon instead studying for himself.  It is convenient so many times to prepare for the sermon, instead of preparing one's self to preach; and if not watched this came become a fatal habit, and can blind the preacher to his own spiritual need, which, if not corrected, will lead to his own spiritual bankruptcy.

We are to be nourished ourselves, spiritually nourished on the words of faith and sound doctrine.  We must not neglect to see that we ourselves are spiritually well fed as this is keeping the command of Paul to see to ourselves and our doctrine. 

A pastor/preacher who is spiritually malnourished himself will have nothing to give his flock, and they will eventually starve.  Yes, he will have words, but those words will be all sound, bereft of spiritual force and effectiveness.  Words without spiritual power have empty spiritual calories that fill the ears without nourishing the soul.  They are all sound with no substance. 

Fellow pastors and preachers, let us take pains to be sure our own spiritual well is full, let us feed ourselves deeply, richly, and regularly; and let us not preach on empty, but give to our people out of the overflow of our own soul.    

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