Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gospel Tears

One of the great themes running through the Scriptures is joy.  The words joy, rejoice, and rejoicing are used 349 times in the Bible.  This theme of joy, as all other themes, is subservient to and draws its life from the greatest theme in the Scriptures, the redemption of unworthy men and women by God, through Christ.  It is the reflecting upon this greatest theme and understanding this greatest theme that should bring us joy.  There are occasions when our reflection and understanding bring about such a profound appreciation and joy that we are moved to tears, tears of joy and celebration and thanksgiving.

Also, in considering the greatest theme, we should be moved to compassion, compassion for the lost, the other men and women with whom we have shared that lost condition that is common to every person ever born on the planet.  In considering their lostness in light of the understanding of our salvation we are moved to tears; tears of compassion that move us to plead with God...them too, Lord, them too.  I was once as vile they, once as wicked as they, once as much a God-hater as they, once as much a sin-reveler as they; so in having mercy upon me, have mercy upon them.

May we all reflect upon our great salvation, the greatness of our Savior, and be moved to gospel tears.

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Angie said...

We're on the same page today! That's exactly what's been heavy on my mind " I got that mercy, please God, I come on their behalf for the same mercy to them!". Only I love how you put the whole thing together so eloquently :) love you- Angie