Sunday, September 01, 2013

When is a Preacher at His Best?

While out walking a little earlier, my wife and I were discussing an article we had read in which the author was reporting about a recent experience they had at a church.  In this article the author recounts the main points of the sermon they heard which was about "God Moments," and how God works in the lives of people during these "moments."

Even though there was some truth in what the preacher was reported as saying, the emphasis was on the catchy, kitchy moniker, with the result being a sermon that was a mile wide and an inch deep with no mention of any Scripture reference or use of the Bible anywhere in the article.  I have never read of God Moments anywhere in the Bible, and although I am sure the pastor was trying to come up with something catchy to be remembered, I am afraid the people will remember that he said the catchy, kitchy phrase and think he is cool for saying it, versus remembering the small amount of truth that was reportedly contained in the sermon; and although I didn't hear the sermon, my concern is what stuck with the author and was reported.

What my wife and I were talking about is how the use of phrases like this tends to trivialize the truth, and at the same time magnifies the speaker.  I am all for titles and mnemonic devices that help people remember what the text is about, but as preachers, we should always want our people to remember what God has said and give God credit for saying it, instead of them remembering the words or phrases we invent. We want them to remember the truth of God, not our "pastorisms." 

So after we came back from the walk I opened up this blog post by Kevin DeYoung and he expresses the very same sentiments. 

So, when is the pastor at his best?  When preaching the truth, and not himself.

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