Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What Our View of the Wrath of God Tells Us

Are we feeling like a multitude of people who have nothing but scorn for any ideas about hell and everlasting punishment?  Do we consider the wrath of God as a primitive or obscene concept?  Is the very notion of hell an insult to us?  If so, it is clear that the God we worship is not a holy God:  Indeed He is not God at all.  If we despise the justice of God, we are not Christians....If we hate the wrath of God, it is because we hate God Himself.  We may protest vehemently against these charges, but our vehemence only confirms our hostility toward God.  We may say emphatically, "No, it is not God I hate....God is altogether sweet to me.  My God is a God of love."  But a loving God who has no wrath is not God.  He is an idol of our own making as much as if we carved Him out of stone.

R. C. Sproul
The Holiness of God
Page 176

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