Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Heart of Lostness

What we must constantly remember is that this human inability to understand spiritual things is a culpable inability.  It is not that God makes us constitutionally unable to understand Him, and then toys with us for His own amusement. Rather, He has made us for Himself, but we have run from Him.  The heart of our lostness is our profound self-focus.  We do not want to know Him, if knowing Him is on His terms.  We are happy to have a God we can more or less manipulate; we do not want a God to whom we admit that we are rebels in heart and mind, that we do not deserve His favor, and that our only hope is in His pardoning and transforming grace.  We certainly cannot fathom a powerful Creator who takes the place of an odious criminal in order to save us from the judgment we deserve.

Don Carson
The Cross and Christian Ministry
Page 58

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