Wednesday, September 01, 2010

O God, Our Help

Thank you, Lord, that you want us to be holy.  Thank You for being more desirous of our holiness than we are.  Thank You for imputing the righteousness of Your Son to us, and that we stand before You in His holiness.  You have desired truth in our innermost being and have put Your Holy Spirit within us, who is also the Spirit of truth. 

It is You that has done for us and to us what we were incapable of doing ourselves.  You made enemies Your friends.  You made haters of God, lovers of God.  You made the violent, peacful.  You have made the guilty, innocent.  You have made idolaters, true worshippers.  You made the selfish, givers.  You have made the arrogant, humble.  You have made the dead, alive.  You have given the hopeless, hope; and to the blind you have given sight.  You have set the captives free.  You have healed us from the pestilence of sin.  You have removed Your wrath from us.  To the mortal You will give immortality, and to the corruptible, incorruptibility.  You loved us when we were unlovable and despicable.  You made us sons of God when we were sons of hell.  All of this was done in and through Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Who else would do this, or could do this, O Lord, but You.  It is You that has made us, not we ourselves.  As we go forward help the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart to be acceptable in Your sight, for whom have we in heaven, but You; and there is no one else to please, no one else worthy of our pleasing, but You and You alone.  Amen

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