Monday, August 23, 2010

The Gospel, God's Power

Far too frequently the conception entertained of conversion
is so superficial and beggarly that it completely fails to take
account of the momentous change of which conversion is the fruit.
And the whole notion of what is involved in the application of redemption becomes
  so attenuated that is has little or no resemblanceto that which the gospel teaches. 
Regeneration is at the basis of all change in heart and life. 
It is a stupendous change because it is God's recreative act.
A cheap and tawdry evangelism has tended to rob the gospel
which it proclaims of that invincible power
which is the glory of the gospel of sovereign grace.
May the church come to think and live again in terms
of the gospel which is the power of God.

John Murray
Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Page 105

Much of what is being preached in the Church today
is no longer even Gospel Lite, but Gospel Drivel.

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