Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Deep Love of Jesus

In looking for some music to play for the time prior to the start of our church service I ran across a CD on Rhapsody that really blessed me. It is Sacred Space-The Songs of Penny Rodriguez. Many of the arrangements are modernized, but without taking away the classical richness of these great songs. I have included a link to one of my favorite songs, The Deep Deep Love of Jesus. It was written in 1890 by Samuel Francis and was recently popularized by Selah on their Hiding Place CD. Sacred Space has great arrangement of this song and captures all of its richness. Let the words speak to your mind and wash over your soul as it takes you before His throne.

The Deep Love of Jesus: "1. The Deep Love of Jesus - Penny Rodriguez "

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bill m said...

amazingly soothing - not sure where i heard this growing up but it is hauntingly familiar