Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Old Word for the Current Day

Nothing is more needed in our common life
to-day than recovery by the ordinary Christian
of the spiritual values of the Word of God. 
It is at once our Chart, our Lamp, our Food,
our Sword.  And in all these ways it may be known
by the humblest believer who yields himself to the
illumination of the Divine Spirit--its Author.
It was not given originally in order to make men
scholars, but rather that they should by its means
become sons and saints, servants and soldiers of
the Most High.  It is the glory of the Bible that
while its heights and depths are so great that no
human learning can scale or sound them unaided,
its Treasure-house is yet unlocked to the simplest
believer by the golden key of obedience.

J Stuart Holden
The Holy Gospels Opened
Page vi-vii
Circa 1900

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