Saturday, June 25, 2011

Preaching to True Needs

This is a repost that I thought would be timely.

There has been much discussion, both pro and con, concerning preaching to felt needs.  As real as the felt needs are, both in the mind of the hearer and in the mind of the preacher, I believe that they are but the symptom(s) of a greater, deeper, ultimate true need; and that is a right relationship with the Living God.  If this is the case, and I believe it is, then man's truest need is that of salvation; and what all men need, both saved and unsaved, is to hear the gospel preached.  And what needs to be preached is a robust and full orbed gospel, telling everyone all that is contained in the gospel, all that God has provided to meet man's greatest, deepest, ultimate need, which is Himself; and it is in the meeting of that ultimate need that all other needs are met.

Man needs salvation and all that salvation brings in all of its aspects.  Underneath the umbrella of salvation there are many needs that are met that tie directly into salvation and what it provides.  Let's look at the different aspects of salvation to see what all is provided by God to meet man's true needs. 

Man needs the guilt of his sin removed from him.  God has provided that through expiation.

Man needs the the wrath of God towards his sin to be satisfied.  God has provided that through propiation.

Man needs the enmity between him and God, that has caused his alienation from God, to be done away with.  God has provided that through reconciliation.

Man needs to be free from his bondage to sin and be out from under the dominion of Satan.  God has provided that through redemption.

Man needs acceptance and a family to which to belong.  God has provided that through adoption.

Man needs to be cleansed and have a fresh start.  God has provided that through regeneration.

Man needs to be righteous as God is righteous.  God has provided that through imputation.

Man needs to be innocent before God.  God has provided that in justification.

Man needs a new heart towards God.  God has provided that through circumcision.

Man needs to be able to live a life pleasing to God by overcoming sin.  God has provided that in sanctification.

Man needs an advocate before God.  God has provided that through Christ's intercession.

Man needs a hope for the future.  God has provided that through glorification.

The felt needs of man really relate back to his greatest needs, his truest needs, which are spiritual.  Man, at his core, is a spiritual being.  If we as preachers would preach to his greatest needs, which are spiritual, then we would see his felt needs being taken care of and resolved.  Preaching a robust and  full orbed gospel does just this, because the gospel includes all of the above.  The gospel speaks both to the unsaved and the saved. To the unsaved it reveals his greatest and truest need, and to the saved it reveals all that God has done to meet that need.  Understanding all that is provided in salvation is important and it is revealed in the proper preaching of the gospel.

Friends, our ultimate need is God Himself, a real and right relationship with Him.  He has provided in His Son for that need.  Look to Christ today as the only true satisfaction, the ultimate satisfaction for your greatest need, for all that you need is found in Him.  Study and learn the gospel, for it truly is good news.

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